Become The Jaguar

Your Guide to "The Jungle"

Are you new to Functional Fitness?

Do acronyms like S2O, T2O, C&J, and DUs look like a foreign language?

Think  you'll never be able to do those complex fitness moves you see people posting on Instagram?

We fully recognize that entering "The Jungle", and starting your journey with functional fitness can be scary as hell. The full body movements we do may be totally new to you, and for that reason might be somewhat intimidating. Here is the deal though, this stuff works. It has worked for thousands of others and can work for you. So, to help get you up to speed we offer our Become The Jaguar program as a type of "On-Ramp" to the movements you'll see in a typical class!

The Details

  • 5 Classes.

  • 60 Minutes.

  • Small Group (1-3 Students).

  • Focus on learning the movement descriptions and mechanics.

  • Hosted twice per day for your convenience.

How can we help you 
(312) 492-8500
770 N Halsted St.
Level P2 (take elevator)
Chicago, IL 60642
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