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Hang On Legs

CrossFit relies heavily on muscular endurance that can only be achieved by battling through volume. This training cycle was six weeks lasting from 7/1/22-8/12/22 with an emphasis on volume to increase total muscle mass and strength endurance.

Disclaimer: If you've only been to the gym a time or two, and reading this makes no-sense, please know that you don't have to understand the below to join our family and get some great workouts in. One of the things we find very important at Jag is sharing the long term vision/goals of our upcoming training with our members. It's a lot easier to get to your destination if you know where you're going!

Chicago Ave. CrossFit Training Cycle

As we close out Operation: Power is King I look around the gym and see a whole lot of bad mamma jammas I wouldn’t want to mess with! You all have been moving some heavy weights and moving them realll fast. This cycle has seen a decrease in total load to allow the body to reset from the heavy weights and focus on speed. But now, it’s time to use that “rate of force” we’ve developed over the last four weeks and apply it to some higher volume heavier weight training and see what we’re really made of!

This cycle will see an increase in total volume, working towards 3, 5, and 20 (😈) rep maxes. We’ll spend six weeks building our volume and then follow it up with six more weeks pushing our absolute strength to heights we’ve never seen before rolling into the new year with a ton of conditioning to gear up for the CF Open. This cycle is going to be absolutely dastardly on the legs because weak legs equal a weak mind. On top of that, look for lots of Oly lifting from the hang to build a butt load of positional strength and power under fatigue.

Your orders for this operation are simple… build muscle so sexy someone’s got to follow you around mopping bystanders jaws up off the Chicago streets!!!

Time To Eat

Monday - Clean + Front Squat

We kick off the week by really testing how much the power cycle worked. Cleaning big weights is where we separate the men from the boys, and the women from the girls – and this ain’t no daycare so it’s time for the adults to play! SP will be using MASSIVE "regressive" complexes of hang clean pulls, hang cleans, and front squats (with limited rest) to build indestructible positions (and minds)! By harnessing power output under fatigue, we’ll feel like we took PEDs when we start looking towards max out weeks in the future. You thought SP had long complexes?? BT is going to spend even more time under tensions as they work clean & front squat complexes as high as 15 reps… couple that with short rest and you’re going to feel like you got put through the ringer by the end of the strength portion in this fat melting muscle building madhouse. Technique will dial in mechanics with complexes that reinforce all the base positions. Part II will see a recent staple format of FBBC (Functional BodyBuilding Conditioning). These EMOM setups will address muscle imbalances with single leg work, build core stability, and improve our cardio base so that we are lean, mean, and damn near unbreakable!

Below is the focus of each "Path"

  • Strength-Power: Regressive Complexes (3RM Clean Progression)

  • Build-Tone: High Volume Complexes (3RM Clean Progression)

  • Technique: Positional Complexes (3RM Progression)

Tuesday - Upper Body Press

Split jerking massive weights is a sign of physical prowess. It’s when all the lesser mammals of the jungle seek refuge from the thunderous jaguar slamming his barbell to the ground in triumphant glory after just flinging it overhead like a toothpick. But you know who never had a big split jerk? Someone with a small push-press. So, the primary focus of this cycle will be driving our top end overhead strength up with the push-press (paired with some fatigued split jerk work) to carry overhead into big jerk PRs in the following cycle. On the other end of the spectrum, BT is coming off a push press cycle so it’s time to rotate that pressing into some good old fashion bench press. By using “giant sets” (with a bench focus) we are going to gift all the jaguars with some rock-solid horseshoes as triceps and a chest that will be all the envy of your friends. After we press all the weights, we will be developing high rep pushing and pulling capacity in the form of strict work and/or gymnastics. Similar to the push press and split jerk referenced above… never expect to bang out 10 kipping pull-ups if you don’t have the base to do some strict ones. Look for Tuesdays to be built around EMOMs of pull-ups, push-ups, HSPUs, dips, and overhead pressing. Not sure if you should focus on strict work or CrossFit gymnastics? Check-in with your goals and discuss with your coach to see what will be the biggest bang for our buck long term!

Below is the focus of each "Path"

  • Strength-Power: Regressive Complexes (1RM Push Press Progression)

  • Build-Tone: Giant Sets (5RM Bench Press Progression)

  • Technique: Technical Complexes (3RM Push Press Progression)

Wednesday - Deadlift / Lunge

Do you find people frequently asking you “Damnnn, how you fit all that ass in dem jeans”? If yes… you’ve probably been here for a while, if not… I’ll check back in six weeks and have no doubt the answer will be a definitive “YES!”. Wednesday’s we’ll see the use of Deadlifts, Lunges, and Hip Thrusts to build a rock solid posterior chain (scientific lingo for phat ass) for all to admire. SP will spend the first half of the cycle on halting deadlifts to address any weaknesses in the transition of the pull, followed by some mid-volume work to build density. BT will, as they say, “feel the burn” with giant sets starting with barbell lunges, followed by hip thrusts and max hip thrusts holds to no doubt pop some paint seams. Technique will see some high volume deads because repetition leads to perfection!

We’ll close out Wednesday with a mid-week metcon to scratch that competitive itch and see where you stack up against your fellow gym homies! Lay it all on the line, push the pace, and see what you’re made of as you sell your soul to the devil to shave a few seconds off the clock. Look to see a LOT of repeat workouts this cycle, that we’ve done previously, as a way to quantify how much fitter you truly are than your previous self.

Below is the focus of each "Path"

  • Strength-Power: Mid Volume High Percent (3RM Deadlift Progression)

  • Build-Tone: Giant Sets (Build glute strength for following deadlift cycle)

  • Technique: High Volume Repetition (5RM Deadlift Progression)

Thursday - Mercedes Training

Do you watch F1 racing? If you do you likely know that over the last five years Mercedes has been the team to beat. Is it because of their drive? Yeah maybe. Is it because of their engine? 100% YES. Engines win championships and on Thursdays we will be building that horsepower in this cycle's long duration cardio gauntlet. With the increased volume of weights the rest of the week expect to see a decreased load this day and a higher focus on machines (row/bike) and bodyweight movements. Thursdays will be all about stressing the lungs and heart without overloading the muscles (except the heart which is a muscle haha). Use this day to unleash all your inner demons and push yourself to your cardiovascular peak or use this as an active recovery day to recoup from the last three days of heavy weights before gearing up to attack Friday and Saturday.

Friday - Snatch + Back Squat

There are very few things on this planet sexier than a perfectly executed barbell snatch, that feeling of the bar effortlessly floating above your head and slotting into the pocket is nearly unmatched. But… you know what does match it? Walking around like a teenage mutant ninja turtle with a turtle shell of muscle on your back! SP will see regressive density complexes of snatches with pulls and snatches from the hang along with overhead squats (similar to C&Js on Mondays) to build strength, power, and stability through all positions. BT will be using high volume snatch grip deadlifts to get all the benefits of the snatch without the technical complexity. These are sure the build some aforementioned turtle shells for the men while getting our ladies HYPEEE to wear that strapless dress to your late summer weddings. Technique will start to dial in the mechanics of the snatch to make sure they are working safely and owning their positions! Can you feel it in the air? Are you a little nervous, but also a little excited? Ohhh yeah… it’s the return of the 20-rep squat progression! I’ve used this quote before but it’s so damn good I’m using it again… “Trust me, if you do an honest 20 rep program, at some point god will talk to you. On the last day of the program, he asked if he could work in” The 20-rep is brutal, it is daunting, but if you are man (or woman) enough for the task then rest assured you will no doubt reap all the sweet sweet rewards and glory that come with it! After our snatch work we will have the privilege of attacking the 20-rep back squat progression coupled with some upper body pump work to close out the week and ensure we are looking good heading into the weekend because LOOK GOOD, FEEL GOOD BABIIII!!!

Below is the focus of each "Path"

  • Strength-Power: Regressive Complexes (3RM Snatch Progression)

  • Build-Tone: Density Sets (Build strong upper back for upcoming deadlift cycle)

  • Technique: Positional Complexes (3RM Hang Snatch)

A final thought...

As the gym continues to grow we thank you all for putting your faith in us to program your workouts and coach you on new movements. We appreciate you welcoming those new to The Jungle in with open arms and continuing to help build this incredible community of athletes and humans. You all continue to amaze us with not only your athletic abilities but also with all the ways you bring joy and happiness into our lives week after week. We truly have the greatest group of members on the planet and cannot wait to see what you achieve in the coming months.

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