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Jaguar Tribe-une

Chicago Ave. CrossFit is always pushing what is possible for it's community. We are constantly growing and evolving to bring the best training we can for the Jaguars of Chicago. News letters give us the opportunity to welcome new Jaguars to our community, share exciting additions and developments to the gym, and brag about our amazing members. See what we've been up to!

Chicago Ave CrossFit News Letter


CrossFit has competition baked into its nature, something that can be off-putting to some until they understand what it can do for a community. At the end of the day it’s all about competing with yourself, to continue the courageous life-long journey of stiving to become better and facing adversity head on. To compete with yourself you need to bring effort and intensity… that shit is contagious! I’ve seen it in action too many times to count: Jimmy puts a few more pounds on the bar, so will Ed. Alex learns a new skill, Abby starts working on rings the next day. You aren’t competing to be better than your peers (most of the time🤣) but realize that if they can do it so can you...

Eliminating self-doubt to unlock true potential.

Fitness itself is a rather personal endeavor… it’s your effort, your weight on the bar, and your time. However, if you stick around a while you realize that to be a Jaguar is to be on a team. In the hour you spend with us you are not only working on yourself but you’re also there for everyone that walks through the doors. Everyone from your class bestie to the person coming in 7 hours later ready to battle their way through that same days programming.

This has been Jaguar’s first real year of being open outside of a pandemic. As it ends, we are so incredibly proud of this community because everyone makes each other better - Better athletes, better coaches, better people. Every time you breath fire during a METCON, defeat gravity with a barbell, cheer someone through the darkest part of their workout, or give a good job pat-on-the-back you are rising the tide. Let’s see how high our ships can go.


Your commitment to yourself, your health and longevity, and your desire to chase improvement is admirable and will yield results.

Next time you're in class, be sure to welcome our newest members to the Jaguar Family!


It’s been a minute since we’ve dropped a newsletter but you can be sure the training hasn’t taken a break! We’ve seen some amazing training cycles come and go with lots to show for the effort.

We started by taking a month to focus on pure power development. Turning our bodies into cannons ready to explode at moment’s notice. Once we could move fast and deliberate it was time to put those skills to the test with some higher volume training to make us look and feel invincible. This saw tons of 3-rep and 5-rep maxes skyrocket PLUS the return of the 20-rep squat progression (IYKYK). Then with the power of Zeus, the strength of Hercules, and the mental invincibility of a monk it was time to go heavy…

like heavyHEAVY.

Taking the dedicated time to focus and develop these specific attributes paid off HUGE!


We asked. You Trusted. You Earned It.

Over the last 2 training cycles, 1,982 pounds were added to Jaguars Member's lift records.

Tell us another gym with these types of results...we'll wait.

Chicago Ave CrossFit's Total Records


Being a Jaguar means you are training for anything life could throw at you, and we like to challenge this incredible group of humans by launching them outside of their comfort zones. In the gym we throw the Jag-Tester, In-house competitions, a gym leaderboard, and the golden Jaguar program in the mix to test the limits of grit and determination. Outside of the gym we’ve seen members seek-out and accomplish some amazing things this year…. Competing against the cities fittest at a local CrossFit comp, taking on the Hyrox race, and the Chicago Tri just to name a few.

Keep finding that next challenge and conquering Jag Fam…. You look damn good doing it!!


The gym and its community have seen an insane amount of change this year, all for the better. As we continue to grow our mission stays the same. We will always attempt to bring you the best facility, best programming, and best culture we can offer. Giving you the space and tools you deserve to work on yourself and raise the tide for others. If you call yourself a Jaguar from the bottom of our hearts…


One of my favorite quotes from CrossFit’s early days is a coach after class saying, “Now go grab a broomstick, knock on your neighbor’s door, and teach them how to deadlift”. Although a little impractical I think everyone that finds something within these walls will resonate with the implication. We have found something that has such a drastic impact on our lives and want to tell the world. We want to tell the world because we were once the person on the outside looking in, having to be coaxed to our first training session. There's plenty of room in the harbor for your friends, co-workers, or YOU reading me getting real cheesy with CrossFit lore. Come rise the tide…. We’d love to have you.

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