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Let's Get to F**king Work

Updated: Feb 3

It’s been a HOT minute but there seems to be a light at the end of the Covid-19 tunnel… finally! With the lifted restrictions group classes are back in action and we are hype AF to get back to what we do best. Now would be a damn near perfect time to join our community and get ready for a social summer. Check out the multitude of ways we plan to get you looking and feeling as fit as possible below!

Here’s the deal, if your goal is to build a tighter ass, you shouldn’t be doing the same lifting program as someone looking to hit a 500lb back squat. That’s why each cycle of programming at JagFit will present 3 different paths.

When you walk into performance class you have the power to decide which path you’ll be working on that day, based on YOUR specific goals. Strength&Power, Build&Tone, and Technique all prioritize human performance, but have various lifting prescriptions tailored to the changes YOU want to see in your body. Cycle specific metrics are tested in the beginning and at the end of each cycle to ensure you are exceeding goals and achieving the results we promised.

Regardless of which program you choose to follow you’ll be in for a killer week of training. Here’s what to expect: Monday: Squat + Lower Body Accessory Conditioning Tuesday: Cleans + Metabolic Conditioning Wednesday: Functional Athlete Thursday: Deadlift + Upper Body Accessory Conditioning Friday: Jerk/Overhead Press + Breathwork Conditioning Saturday: SMASHER! Covid won’t have us locked down forever. Winter will end. Street fests, beach days, and fitness competitions will return. Whether you’re looking to be the ultimate weekend warrior slangin’ weights, or catching everyone’s eyes in that swimsuit… we got you. Let’s get to f**king work. Team Jagfit

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