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Operation Strength God & Hot Bod

If you want to get as strong as you can heavy lifting sporadically wont get the job done. This training cycle was six weeks lasting from 9/12/22-10/21/22 with a main focus on achieving the highest feats of strength our members are capable of.

Disclaimer: If you've only been to the gym a time or two, and reading this makes no-sense, please know that you don't have to understand the below to join our family and get some great workouts in. One of the things we find very important at Jag is sharing the long term vision/goals of our upcoming training with our members. It's a lot easier to get to your destination if you know where you're going!

Chicago Ave. CrossFit Training Cycle

This cycle has been a trip and damn have Adam and I enjoyed seeing you all grind through the high volume and grueling metcons! Test week has been absolute fire with so many rep-PRs on the board with a couple days left. But, as we do, celebrate the wins and get back to work on striving to unlock new levels of fitness in the never-ending quest to be the best that we can be!

This cycle has been a trip and damn have Adam and I enjoyed seeing you all grind through the high volume and grueling metcons! Test week has been absolute fire with so many rep-PRs on the board with a couple days left. But, as we do, celebrate the wins and get back to work on striving to unlock new levels of fitness in the never-ending quest to be the best that we can be!

NOTE: There are 5 programmed lifting days this cycle, and some aggressive lifting prescriptions so... Keep in mind that following Strength-Power five days a weeks + coming to Saturdays + a stressful job + less than adequate sleep will likely be more than most people bodies can tolerate. Pick the days to push the weights and the days to focus more on the cardio and above all listen to your damn bodies!!!

Time To Eat

Monday - Cleans

Didn’t get your place cleaned on Sunday? Don’t sweat it… because Big Clean Monday’s are sticking around. IDK about you, but I’ve loved starting my weeks by tossing around some heavy AF weights to get the juices flowing. We’re going to push the weights and the pace this cycle (depending on track) in hopes of some major LB gainz come test week. Strength & Power will be following a progression focused on heavy triples, doubles, and singles followed up with some over-percentage clean pulls to get us used to the weights we will soon be able to lift. BT better pack an extra serving of courage in your gym bag because these spicey EMOMs of hang cleans and demanding cardio movements will transition into power cleans destined to increase the weight on the bar while simultaneously decreasing the number on the scale… I’m telling you – this shit is magic babiii! Technique will utilize regressive complexes to lock in beautiful form worthy of any IG feed. We’ll follow the heavy weights (SP) and high intensity (BT) with some functional bodybuilding of the lower half with two very specific goals… #1 – Address imbalances to keep you building strength in the big lifts while staying injury free. And (more importantly) #2 – give you a sexy ass pair of legs that has you buying shorts with shorter inseams to show the world dem yams.

Below is the focus of each "Path"

  • Strength-Power: High % Low Volume Cleans + Clean Pulls (1RM Progression)

  • Build-Tone: EMOM of Cardio & Inverse Progressed Cleans (3RM Progression)

  • Technique: Regressive Complexes (3RM Progression)

Tuesday - Overhead Press

THIS JUST IN – READ ALL ABOUT IT: The city has elected not to construct the Bally’s Casino on the Tribune site due to fear of earthquakes!!! So… I let City know that this upcoming cycle we’ll be having “Overhead” Tuesdays. They took one look at the savages coming in and out of The Jungle and knew damn well that with the heavy weights you’ll be slamming to the floor that there would be a massive increase in earthquake risk for the surrounding area haha. Our SP group will be hitting low volume high percentage split jerks to dial in form at higher weights followed by some heavy jerk dips to build a bulletproof front rack position capable of moving boulders. Speaking of boulders… our BT crew will use “giant sets” focused on push press paired with a rotating spread of accessory pulls and raises to build what are commonly referred to in the scientific community as shoulder boulderalis. We’ve already put in a work order to turn both sets of doors at the gym into double doors so that you can fit through 😊. Get your mind right because Tuesdays will close out with our weekly metcon. Too much competition grinds the body and mind down over time but a solid dose can pull you outside your comfort zone and show you what you are truly capable of. No focus on repeat workouts this time around but expect a lot of classic CrossFit couplets, triplets, and chippers. Below is the focus of each "Path"

  • Strength-Power: High % Low Volume Split Jerks + Jerk Dips (1RM Progression)

  • Build-Tone: Giant Sets (5RM Push Press Progression)

  • Technique: Technical Complexes (3RM Split Jerk Progression)

Wednesday - Squat

Wednesday has long been referred to as Hump Day, but it’s approaching 2023 and I’m ready to start a new trend. So… I’d like to introduce you to “DUMP TRUCK DAY”. Yes sir/ma’am, Wednesdays are for squats and these progressions are scientifically formulated to grow and nurture that certified dump truck booty we all strive for! My strength and power group will utilize the most successful squat progression we’ve every used in The Jungle… CLUSTER SETS, to accumulate high volumes at higher percentages. Our BT group will be moving and grooving through heavy 5’s of back squat paired with volume wallballs or KB swings and some heavy sleds to attack the gluteus booteus from all angles (and get those doing Hyrox ready for the race). Technique will use regressive tempos that build a glorious squat and strength in all positions.

After we have successfully pumped the rump we see a return of an OG workouts structure… BREATHWORK! It’s been a hot minute since we’ve seen breathwork intervals, but this class format, that seems a bit like witchcraft, is an amazing way to correct shitty breathing patterns, improve CO2 tolerance, and give you the tools to push harder and longer in workouts without redlining!!!

Below is the focus of each "Path"

  • Strength-Power: Cluster Sets (1RM Squat Progression)

  • Build-Tone: Giant Sets (5RM Squat Progression)

  • Technique: Regressive Tempos (5RM Squat Progression)

Thursday - Cardionastics + Optional Snatch

I’d like to welcome you to controlled chaos because Thursdays are focused on giving everyone a little bit of what they need to keep you getting better via lots of options. This will be our traditional long form cardio day of the week to get you sweating using bike/row/run/sled intervals and high volume low lifting sets. On top of our standard cardio work you can look for two additional options:

  1. We’ll provide optional gymnastics work built into the cardio for those that want to work on dialing in their skills under fatigue, or an opportunity to be coached on new movements and fine tune points of performance.

  2. SNATCH! – There is so much we want to work this cycle we’ll also offer a SP & Tech snatch progression on Thursday if you want to kick off the class with a barbell and hop in with the cardio crew when you finish your sets. Our SP progression will mirror Monday’s cleans with high % low volume sets + snatch pulls. The technique group will work the same regressive complexes to dial in positions.

Below is the focus of each SNATCH "Path"

  • Strength-Power: High % Low Volume Snatches + Snatch Pulls (1RM Progression)

  • Technique: Regressive Complexes (1RM Progression)

Friday - Deadlift

Look-good feel-good Friday’s is the name of the game my friends. I want you all feeling yourselves headed into the final days of nice weather so Friday’s will be all about heavy weights and a P-H-A-T pump to get your clothes hugging your hammies for all the weekends festivities. My SP group will be hitting top and drop deadlift sets working up to heavy 5s, 3s, and 1s, followed by some controlled effort accessory sets of deficit deads or RDLs to target your specific weak point in the deadlift. BT gang better line up a good tailor because your progression of heavy deads + heavy hip thrusts is, as the kids say, fashooo going to provide the sunlight and water the booty needs to foster organic growth. Technique will use supersets of RDLs an full deadlifts to master the art of the hinge! And, don’t you dare think we forgot about the upper body! We will close out Fridays with a good old fashioned accessory pump where you can expect to see plenty of bench press variations, curls for the girls, and tris for the guys that’ll have everyone clamoring for us to put mirrors in the gym to you can admire all your hard earned gains!!! Below is the focus of each "Path"

  • Strength-Power: Top & Drops Deadlifts (1RM Deadlift Progression)

  • Build-Tone: Deadlift + Hip Thrust Supersets (5RM Progression)

  • Technique: RDL + Deadlift Supersets (5RM Progression)

A final thought...

Honestly... this is the most I've been excited about a new cycle in a whileeee! With so many new members eager to jump on the PR train it's always fun seeing newbies make big gains while also challenging those that have been at this for a long time to continue to grow as athletes. Our community continues to grow rapidly and we can't begin to tell you how much value you all add to our lives. Make sure to say "What's Up" to new faces you see in class because they are here, putting in the same work you are, and as we all know... this shit isn't easy so anyone willing to grind through these workouts has my utmost respect. Thanks for always being the greatest member base we could ask for!

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