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Follow a prescribed training cycle with the gym that uses science-based programming, written by Coach Matt, incorporating various strength, conditioning and CrossFit movements. Our cycles are 4-8 weeks, allowing yourself time to adapt and perfect the movements. Each cycle is different from the last, but is a part of a long term plan to keep you engaged and progressing. 


Follow a program with science-based progressions that have been proven to move the needle. Our programming allows you to sensibly overload the body for maximal strength, muscle building, fat loss and performance progress. To complement your primary lifting progressions we will fluctuate intensity throughout the week with focuses on metabolic conditioning, engine, accessory lifting, plyometrics, and body awareness


Everyone is motivated in their own way. Some athletes train for max strength, some focus on physique and lifestyle improvements, and some are completely new to fitness. Jaguar Strength has a daily prescription for all three. Each day you have the option to choose one of the 3 available workout paths for the day, based on your personal goals.


Without challenge there is no result. Our program consists of functional movements you were born to do.  The movements and programming are infinitely scalable to fit any experience level.  Find, fight, and conquer yours with the help of your coach. 


A rising tide lifts all ships. Friendly competition, encouragement, and a communal commitment to improvement helps us all in our pursuit of fitness that lasts a lifetime.

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