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Jaguar Strength and Conditioning offers various class programs from standard Group Fitness Classes to Beginner On-Boarding Sessions to Personal Training and/or Nutrition Coaching. 

Choose the program you're interested in below to learn more.


Follow a prescribed training cycle with the gym that uses science-based programming, written by Coach Matt, that incorporates various strength, conditioning and CrossFit movements that get you where you want to be.

Gym members doing box jumps
Gym member doing pull-ups


We offer JSC Fundamentals for those looking to learn the movements and formatting of a standard Jaguar Strength class, but aren't yet ready for group classes.  You'll work one-one-one with our coaches to train the basics of building physical and mental confidence with various equipment and movements.


Personal Coaching at Jaguar Strength means dedicated 1-on-1 training through a unique program built specifically for you based on your goals and motivations. 

CrossFit woman using barbell
CrossFit athletes post workout


With JSC Nutrition, you'll work 1-on-1 with our nutrition coach to develop a personalized strategy, setup your accountability journal, establish a check-in cadence, and find ways to fit basic nutrition principles into your lifestyle today and for the days to come.

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