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Our coaches have experience and training in an array of modalities and disciplines, applicable to both fitness beginners and seasoned vets looking to dial in on specific goals. Personal training at Jaguar Strength means dedicated 1-on-1 training through a unique program built specifically for you.


Whatever your goal, we're in your corner start to finish.

We get it, not everyone is looking for a group class. 

Maybe you’re just starting your exercise journey, getting back into fitness after a long hiatus or you're an experienced athlete looking to take yourself to the next level. Whatever your “WHY” is, ours is always the same. Our “Why” has always been, and will always be, providing a personalized training experience that helps you achieve your goals in an atmosphere most conducive to your success.

We take a "team" approach to training.

We are your teammate in this journey. We are there to keep you accountable, present, and working hard through each training session.

We dismiss the status quo of trainers using templated approaches for their clients. Getting to know you and what you want out of your training is our top priority. Every minute of your session will have a specific purpose. The warm-up, workout, and recovery are part of a larger plan that is personalized to you and where you want to be. 

Our specialized knowledge, across multiple fitness domains, allows us to select the best elements of mobility, resistance, endurance, and athletic training most useful and applicable to what we want to achieve.  And the best part... we will be with you every step of the way because WE are a TEAM!

MEET a few of our clients


Meet Gigi

After Gigi's sister, Meredith, joined Jaguar Strength, she was looking for a way to get involved and make Jag a part of her life too.  Gigi first wanted to learn the movements and establish consistency with a workout routine before jumping into classes, so she started  training 1-on-1 with Adam. 


Since beginning, Gigi has already gained so much more than just  familiarity with the movements. She is lifting weights and progressing skills at incredibly fast rates and her confidence in the gym is electric! 

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